About Me

Hello, I’m Jecan. I'm a developer, curious adventurer, and one of the creator at Octoa.

My primary focus is to help clients to construct both front-end and back-end application by working from the ground up. By understanding the importance of each user’s requirements, I go beyond from concept to ship and together with a passion in unique interactions and user experiences.

Recently, I've built and launched two successful SaaS products, one which becomes one of the fastest growing Dutch startup in 2021. In the past I've also built and maintain successful e-commerce platform which scaled up.

What others say

"Jecan isn’t just a technically exceptional software developer; he’s also a standout leader. He joined the team recently coming into a fast-paced and, at times, the chaotic environment where deadlines were often tight. Not only were his technical skills robust, but he also shined when it came to accuracy. When Jecan was working on a project, our error-correction needs were always reduced by half or more thanks to his outstanding diligence and attention to detail. Plus, Jecan never shied away from sharing his knowledge with others and often took the reigns when others weren’t sure how to proceed. Calling him an asset seems like such an understatement. As he works to take the next steps in his career, I wholeheartedly recommend him to any company looking for a reliable, accountable, and highly skilled software developer."

Alexander Dyriavin, Backend Software Engineer
"I have worked with Jecan at Boldking, in Amsterdam. He is in the top tier of developers I've worked with. He is excellent in all aspects as a software developer should have with great communication skills, excellent ability to design solutions, code skills, and troubleshooting problems. It was a pleasure working with him and I sincerely hope to work with Jecan again."

Eduardo Stuart, Senior Software Engineer
"Jecan played a key role in the company. His knowledge of all the products we work on has helped people in the entire company to create better output. Without hesitation he is always willing to help and advice colleagues with their tasks and is not afraid of a good challenge. Besides delivering what he is tasked with, Jecan always goes a step further, making sure the users get the best experience. He is a very reliable and responsible colleague who will be missed!"

Marjon Siero, Lead Product Designer